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Happy Wedding: Timmy X Trixie by Ultrasponge Happy Wedding: Timmy X Trixie by Ultrasponge
Since I've been looking through Nintendomaximus' wedding pictures which some of them is a ANNOYANCE, I decide to draw my first wedding picture of Timmy and Trixie.
I would like to give credit to Nintendomaximus for these wedding ideas and thus I will stop the Timmy and Tootie bashing and call it ceasefire.
BTW, one of the DDR songs, Happy Wedding will be comfortable for such wedding pictures.
To listen to this song: Click on this link:
Or go to
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bearboymcg Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015   Traditional Artist
Karstyn Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
I sometimes go on Nintendomaximus'es gallery but I totally disagree with the Timmy and Tootie coupling I prefer Timmy and Trixie.
04StartyOnlineBC88 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010  Student General Artist
Yeah, you are right, Nintendomaximus is making several mistakes.
I can see wrong marriage pictures as well.
DivineDesserts Featured By Owner May 4, 2010
I just love your picture and the idea.
JB5112 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009
commandercharon Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
Here's my wedding music:

"Sweet Sweet Sweet"-English Lyrics, by Dreams Come True. Here's a clip:

♪ Hold me close, I want you so.
Don't you know that, baby?
Your love has touched my very soul.
Can you feel it, baby?
Ohh, never let me go, darling,
'cause we're so in love,
and we can dream on.
Sweet Dream. ♪
stephdumas Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008
after the fanart of the wedding of Remy & Veronica then I did a while ago, I did one of Chester and Tootie
[link] your fanart (as well as Nintendomaximus' fanart) gived me the inspiration to do a Chester and Tootie wedding fanart ;)
Sunflorazumarill Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2007
Well, here's yet another ficlet to go with this pic. Contains Pokémon, Sonic, and Danny Phantom characters.

Timmy: I, Timmy Tiberious Turner hereby take Trixie Elizabeth Tang to be my wife, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, to love, honor, and cherish, as long as we both shall live.

Trixie: I, Trixie Elizabeth Tang hereby take Timmy Tiberious Turner to be my husband, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, to love, honor, and cherish, as long as we both shall live.

Amy: Sonic, when will YOU propose to me?!

Sonic: Well, you see-


Brock: (Crying) Timmy and Trixie are already getting married and I'm still alone!

Misty: And you'll always be alone as long as myself, Max, and Croagunk have anything to say about it.

Danny: Can you hurry it up? Sam and I are next!

Tucker: You are?! Exactly when did you two decide to get married?

Tootie: (Trying not to cry) Timmy, I hope you're happy. I hope you're happy (breaking into tears) WITHOUT ME!!!

Max: Hello, aren't you in love with me now?

Tootie: Sorry, Max. Old habits are hard to break.

(At the reception)

Timmy: I finally married Trixie, and we're both happier for it!

Trixie: Yes we are! Now you know who the mother of Timmy's children is!

Timmy: What do you mean?

Trixie: Oh, nothing. Just looking at the fourth wall.

(Remy walks up)

Remy: Guess what, I just got an anullment for you two. You're no longer married!

Trixie: Well I went ahead and got a court order preventing you from making an anullment to mine and Timmy's marriage! Yours is void!

Timmy: Got that right! You can't buy off true love!

Butch Hartman: Now you know which one I like Timmy to be with!

Hope you think it's funny.
stephdumas Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2007
Yes, it's very good and I couldn't resist to add my pinch of salt

Remy: One day, Timmy and Trixie I'll got my revenge!

Veronica: What about me, Remy would you marry me?

Remy: Why I should marry you?

Veronica (showing her fist to Remy and put a wig on her head to look like Trixie): Because I AM TRIXIE!!!!

Remy (scared): That's a good reason, I'll marry you Veronica.

Veronica: Thank you Remy (she kiss her) Hey, where Tad and Chad?

(Meanwhile on a mental asalym, in the first room we see Crocker in a straight jacket complaining about fairies, in the 2nd room we see his uncle Albert complaining about genies and in the 3rd room...)

Tad: Why, why Trixie married that pink-hat boy when I'm a....POPULAR KID!!?? (spazzed like Crocker) What Timmy have then I don't have? I'm a....POPULAR KID!!! Maybe Crocker is right, maybe he have...FAIRIES GODPARENTS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! FAIRIES!!!

Chad: (who looks to Tad from a window) Poor Tad, I guess being a popular kid like he was taked his toll....
NightMareDragon Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006
this is Timmy's future as long as he stops acting like a jerk.
Leviarex Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2006
Are you sure? Because I've seen many of those here for a while and stil remain. Infact some of them you'll find in my fav. gallery. Also it i'snt like I'm asking for child pornography or nudity, wich I know i'snt allowed here and yet Kain'sWorld still has a pair of pics along th0ose lines. Infact as I recall HeartlessSlayer, you have something of a tickling pic yourself and I'm sure it has'nt been taken away just yet. Then again how it's handled does make a difference, and again other than her boots,I'm not asking for any clothes to come off so there's nothing pornographic about it.
Leviarex Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2006
Forgive me for sounding too harsh there, please. Also if you have the time to take requests, I have one of my own. A tickling request to be precise. It is where Wonder Gal has her arms raised and bound by vine like tendrils, as well as her legs. Her boots are off five other tendrils tickle her feet,armpits, and midrift while she laughs hysterically to the point of actually saying she surrenders. The tendrils' owner is a monster who's design I'll leave entirely up to you. My idea for a title: Wonder Gal vs. The Tickle Monster.
HeartlessSlayer Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2006
that's a no go here on DA, they don't allow those kind of pics here, i know, somebody had them once on DA, but then they were removed.
Leviarex Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2006
Great concept with TimmyXTrixie, although it's not entirely refreshing as shown by RedDragonZero. In general terms of weddings that is, it is nice to finally see one of them at their current age of 10 and I agree full heartedly that NintendoMaximus's simialr pics pics were a pain in the ass. If there is any pairing I hate more than TimmyxTootie, it's RemyxTrixie, I felt like spitting when I saw those pics and unlike you NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will stop me from bashing both of them back to the Mesazoic(the age of dinosaurs). Hell I was surprised when you did a RemyxTrixie of your own, but I was glad you killed the little son of a bitch.
commandercharon2 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I agree with you...

I always see "Timmy x ?" pairings through Timmy's P.O.V.
For instance:
-Timmy x Tootie-
Today: :iconohfuckplz:
Future: :iconyoumustdieplz:

As for Remy x Trixie, unless Remy does this:


Then no :iconremyb-trixiet:
Stuperman454 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2006  Student
LMAO, he's standing on a box!
That alone makes this pic a fave.
MysticArk Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
Good choice. Timmy and Trixie is a better couple than Tootie and Timmy! (That Character couple is AWFUL)
Ultrasponge Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
Tartar sauce! Made her in FOP style and I was sooooo close!
BB-K Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice one, and it's funny when Timmy is not tall enough to do that.

Hmm, even though Trixie is still young, I wish she would have a good-shaped breast to make the artwork nicer. :)
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